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Toney Freeman Still Working with Palumbo!
« poslato: Jun 01, 2009, 08:30:35 pre podne »
Toney Freeman Still Working with Palumbo!     
Written by John Romano   
Sunday, 10 May 2009 01:00

XmanPalumboI'm trying to distance myself from all the MD bullshit, but sometimes - unfortunately many times - Blechman and company just go too far.  It's one thing for Blechman to coerce guys he has under contract to sever their relationships with Dave and me; or even go so far as to convince those under contract that Dave and his diet are bad for their career and that they should work with Oscar, Hany or Chad instead.  And let's not forget Blechman turning his deformed little pitbull Valentino on me!  It's just all stupid shit that no one is buying anyway. MD's plunging traffic numbers are all the amusement I need.  That is, until Blechman decided to blatantly lie in order to score points in the stupid "Carb Wars" he lost months ago.  Now, I have to say something to set the record straight.


Recently Blechman came out and posted a thread that claims he spoke to Toney Freemen and that Toney told him he would not be working with Dave and that he would be doing his own diet for the Olympia in September.  Blechman then quickly spun that into an anti-keto bullshit story.  The TRUTH is that Blechman didn't talk to Toney and Toney has no intention of leaving Dave or Dave's diet.  In fact, Toney just spent the entire evening with Dave in Shreveport, LA at the NPC Lee Haney Classic laughing at Blechman and his stupid bullshit attempts to trash Dave and his diet.  So the official word is that Toney and Dave are still working together and come this September you'll see the best Toney Freeman that has yet walked onstage.