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Results Fitness Program Design Manual
« poslato: Oktobar 12, 2010, 08:32:12 posle podne »
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From EliteFTS

We have known Alwyn for some time and even have him as one of our professional trainers on the Q and A. We have heard of his manual for some time now but when we say the price we took a pass. We finally got a chance to take a look at it at the T-nation 06 seminar. We were very impressed with the quality of this product that we had to make it part of our cart. Alwyn has done all the research for you and has put together a great and easy to understand program design manual.

From Publisher

It ought to be called the Alwyn Cosgrove Dummies Guide to No Bullshite (that’s not a misspelling…it’s a Scottish thing…didn’t you see Braveheart?) Program Design that Always Delivers the Results You are Looking For Regardless of Your Goals Because These Principles Always Work.

I think he went with the alternative title because it was shorter.

“Methods are many,
Principles are few,
Methods often change,
Principles never do.”

I heard several hundred fitness professionals chant this little ditty during one of Alwyn’s presentations…three times.

That’s what Alwyn has done with The Program Design Bible. He lays out all the principles you’ll ever need for successful programming for athletes and fitness clients.

Did he make them up himself. Nope.

He studied, he surrounded himself with good people, and he stole. Not in a bad way. He’ll always tell you where he gets his information, but mostly he relies on first hand experience. How much experience?

Try writing over 150,000 training programs. Some worked. Some didn’t.

“Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless.”

Here’s a taste of what real-life experience teaches you that Alwyn has put in the BS category:

Research has all the answers…researchers are strength and conditioning historians who study methods that trainers have already found to be successful.
Train Big Muscles before smaller muscles…what if it’s the smaller muscles that are holding back.
Body part “Split” Routines…mostly useless and simply leftovers from heyday of bodybuilding (Although he admits respect for all at the top of their craft)
Never train the core first…what if your core weakness is limiting your performance.
Fat Burning Zone…doesn’t exist…you’re in that mythical zone right now.
Aerobic Training…essentially useless for fat loss.
Where do trainers fail according to Alwyn?

They don’t assess the needs of the client. If you’re not assessing, you’re just guessing. Exercise is drug. If it’s prescribed in the wrong dose or the wrong frequency or according to ineffective principles, at best nothing will happen. At worst, you end up with an injured client.

Are there any magic exercise? Nope.

The key to successful programming is the manipulation of loading parameters. It’s the sets, reps, and loads that makes the program successful. Then select the appropriate exercises.

Hear this...

"Alwyn Cosgrove has always set himself apart as one of the elite trainers in the fitness industry, and I personally have always felt that way, but after purchasing his latest manual "The Professional Fitness Coach Program Design Bible" he is definitely the man to go to when you want to learn more about program design. I literally made changes in one of my training programs 30 minutes before I was going to conduct a session with my athletes. I am telling you, Alwyns program design manual will make you a better trainer and if you apply what he is teaching you will be beating clients off with a stick! Thanks Alwyn!"
Lee Taft

"Probably the best book in the field I have ever read. That isn't an exaggeration either. I have over 20 books on different aspects of stuff ranging from really heavy science (e.g. Supertraining) to Basic Programs (e.g. Core Performance) and I haven't seen another one that is so immediately practical right away.

The best part is that Alwyn doesn't have a "system" he will use anything that works. This book isn't selling a "system" its selling a way to set up your training no matter what the goal or method used.

Buy it."
Danny King


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Product Features 
Alwyn's journey
Absorb what is useful
Why the need for better programs
The influence of bodybuilding
Cosgrove's rules
Common fallacies in program design
Designing the perfect program
Loading parameter manipulation
Factors determining rep selection
Factors determining set selection
Tempo - selecting rep speed
Rest period selection
Exercise selection
Periodization and progression of intensity
Typical flaws in programming
Putting it all together
Sample exercises
Quad dominate exercises
Hip dominate exercises
Vertical pulling exercises
Vertical pushing exercises
Horizontal pushing exercises
Horizontal pulling exercises
Core exercises
Seven habits of program design
Program design checklist
Further study
About the author