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Chris Cormier 90's Steroid Cycle!
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The Real Deal: Craig Titus Stories & Popular 90's Steroid Cycles!

Since this is bodybuilding and drugs are always a hot-bed topic, I figured you’d like to hear the Real Deal with regard to steroids, GH, and other performance enhancing drugs. All the stories and images that people have of drug use today are half-bullshit; half-truth. The internet is to blame for all the misinformation out there and it has to stop. But I’m going to tell you how things were back in my day and reveal a typical stack of one of my fellow competitors.

Back when I was going at it toe-to-toe with the best, the biggest thing was Humatrope by Lilly. It was the greatest GH on the market. Testosterone preparations like suspension, propionate, enanthate, cypionate and sustanon were all available, as well. At the time, sustanon was the most popular. Most guys loved the stuff. We also had this stuff from France called Thiomucase and it came in an injectable and a cream. It literally just melted fat off. Clenbuterol and cytomel were used a lot, as well. We had the same exotics that are around today. Tren, winny, primo and equipoise were all used in the offseason but we always thought about longevity and most dosed the stuff in reasonable amounts. In fact, sometimes guys would prepare for shows without even using “growth”. Those are really the only differences. In my day, we had a few more fat loss products and a wider array of diuretics at our disposal. Diuretic use was heavy back then. And, for the most part, we used what’s being used now; minus a lot of the crazy peptides and dosages. Basically, the thought of tomorrow still crossed most competitors’ minds. With a lot of the drug practices of today I don’t think many think about what comes after bodybuilding.

I’ve heard so many lies and such online. I’ve heard everything from guys using 20 IU’s of growth a day to guys taking 100 dbol. I’ve heard shit like pros spending $15,000-20,000 on gear just getting ready for one show. A lot of it makes me laugh. Pros do NOT spend that much getting ready for shows or at least don’t need to. I didn’t need to. Sometimes, guys do get crazy on things though... The lesson here; don’t believe everything you hear or read online.

This is a stack from one of my old competitors.

Humatrope @ 4-6 IU’s every other day

Sustanon @ 1,000-1,500 mg. per week

Masteron @ 100 mg. Every other day.

Winstrol @ 100 mg. Every other day. Introduced a few weeks before the show.

Clenbuterol @ 25 mcg every day

Cytomel @ 50 mcg every day.

This is a bit on the lighter side but still very typical. Again we all used exotics like Tren, EQ, Thiomucase and several diuretics. Each prep varied as we experimented with different combinations and dosages.

I’ve noticed a lot of you wondered what made everything so much different from then till’ today. . .and what’s responsible for the athletes looking the way they do. The insulin, the peptides and research chemicals; I believe it’s what’s causing the weird look on competitors-- this blown up look! I mean, a guy will have striated glutes top to bottom and then his quads will be watered down. Everything just looks odd. The stuff these guys are taking and the dosages that are being used is just making their tissues look swollen.