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« Odgovor #75 poslato: Februar 02, 2008, 09:37:13 posle podne »
Cut out the creatine 2 weeks before your show..........just to play it safe.

As for IGF-1.......I suggest taking it with anabolic steroids. GH is optional. Take 10mcg per day for 4 weeks straight.......and follow that by 2 weeks off........then repeat.

Can you use Clen all the way up to contest time... will it help with getting dry? I've never used it before but was thinking of possibly using it this year starting 3-6 weeks out.
DAVE-If you use clenbuterol as a pre-contest fat burner.........MAKE SURE YOU DO STAY ON IT RIGHT UP TO THE DAY OF THE SHOW (you certainly don't wan't to negatively rebound a week before the show). For that matter, you shouldn't stop anything the week before the show. You're only asking for disaster.

Hi Dave,
Are there any real differences between the various types of GH on the market - blue tops, brown tops, Jinotrope, Humatrope, etc?

Also, I've heard that the effects of GH can alter the physique (in a positive manner) in what seems to be a permanent basis - e.g., that shoulder girth will be increased, metabolism/leaness increased, etc, even AFTER use ceases. Do you concur?

Thanks in advance for your insight
DAVE-GH is pretty much GH........... purchase whatever is cheapest..........just make sure it's the 191 amino acid sequence.

The reason it appears that you build muscle even AFTER you stop the GH is that the new muscle cells that have be produced by a process known as HYPERPLASIA require 3-9 months to increase in size enough to be noticed. Remember, they are immature, tiny, myocytes. So, the results from the GH you take today might not been seen until 6 months from now.

dave loving your diet ! but the no carbs are killing me why am i craving it so much. no wonder why i cna compete first week and im struggling i love fucking food haha. going to diet for the arnold.

i mean im dieting like for a show but following you diet can i add any more carbe like asaprus brown rice etc or will that defeat the purpose

diet is as follows

1)meal one shake with all natural peanut butter

train hour to hour and half
2)then shake

3)hour later red meat with a salad and olives
4) chicken steamed or grilled with peanuts or almonds and i added some aspargus cooked

5) 4 eggs 2 whole with some grits

20 min of treadmill cardio

6) peice of fish with some salad

7) shake with peanut butter

what you think?? im craving carbs is it ok i through in the esparagus and grits its only 18carbs the grits
DAVE-Derek...you're hungry because you're not eating enough fat. In fact, you haven't even listed quantities of anything so it's hard to see where you're going wrong. Get rid of those carbs and start eating the correct quantities of fat and protein and you won't crave anything.
Meal 1 6 whole Omega-3 eggs
Meal 2 8oz chicken with 1/2 cup raw almonds
Meal 3 50g whey with 2 tablespoons all natural peanutbutter
Meal 4 8oz salmon with 1 cup asparagus with 1 tablespoon macadamia nut oil
Meal 5 50 g whey with 2 tablespoon PB
Meal 6 6 whole eggs

This is typically how i start off most clients diets.........then there's modifications along the way and I have to cater it according to how hte client looks.

1) do you think insulin post workout is a good mass building regime.. some pros state that they belive that it is worthless.. some state it is what is bringing the freaks of today..? It's only good if you NEED the extra insulin. If you don't, you'll just get fat.
2) what do you think of cycles that are based predominately on anabolic compounds instead of anabolic compounds.. say 500 test as base, then the rest based on mainly anabolics (eq, deca, ect) in higher dosages..?Half the equation for mass cycles are comprised of TESTOSTERONE and the other half is a synthetic Anabolic like EQ, TREN, DECA, or D-BOL
3)a well known trainer has come out and said that he belived that high dose anavar (around a100mgs a day) was in his opinion the best oral steroid today.. what is your opinion of anavar..?I think all ORAL STEROIDS for MEN suck
4) i know you like long cycles.. but, what about doing cycles of 6 weeks and taking 4 weeks off (based on using fast acting esters to clear the system quickly.. i know a few competitors doing this (blast / cruise) and are reaping good benefits.. curious as to if you think this could be a feasiable alternative to your longer cycles..I beleive that once you build new muscle, you must reinforce the gains. You must Re-Set your body's homeostatic set point. This applies equally well when you're attempting to lose weight. Once you've lost your last pound, you must maintain the weight loss for several weeks to months before it becomes permanent.
5)also.. in regards to form.. many competitors (branch for example) use a short non lock tempo on thier pressing movements.. allowing them to use more weight in the porrtion of the press that targets the muscle in question.. do you do this or do you always lock out.. if so ..why..?/ It only works well for guys with short limbs (Lee PRiest, Branch, ect) Bodybuilders with long limbs need to do full range moveme

Whatt´s up Dave? This is a very interesting thread. I´d like to know if a post-workout shake for a diabetic athlete could have simple carbs in it.

Thanks for all the info!
DAVE-If you're diabetic, you can still have a fast carb post workout drink, you just need to take enough humalog to cover the carbs. If you took 50g Vitargo, for instance, you'd need to take about 5 units of Humalog in addition to whatever else you take. My gf Colette is a type 1 Diabetic and she's the one to ask with regard to how much and what types of insulin to take. Ask her over on the Women's Bodybuilding board.

Dave, I was doing lunges the other day and felt a small pain in my knee (above kneecap). Now, it only hurts when I go through the motions of lungin, used icy hot but that shit aint doin nuthin. what are some other suggestions?
DAVE-Sounds like you strained the ligaments in your knee. Take 6000mg glucosamine per day and 6000mg MSM per day............. also, purchase hydrolyzed beef collagen (pills or powder) and do 2 servings per day.

DAVE-I have to tell you the truth. Post workout I've started using VITARGO. Vitargo is a high molecular weight carbohydrate that empties from the stomach faster than dextrose and it doesn't cause bloating because the water gets pulled into the muscle (rather than filling up the stomach and intestines). Usually I mix 50-70g Vitargo with 50g whey protein and swig that down pre and post workout (in the offseason). I just started selling VITARGO on my website (www.davepalumbo.com). It comes in Fruit punch and Unflavored. I suggest unflavored if you're mixing with Chocolate whey.

hey dave,

on your advice i bumped up my glucosamine/msm intake up past the typical 1500mg. its actually helped a good bit over the last few months. anyway, whats your take on the scientific claims that long term glucosamine use may cause insulin resistance? thanks
DAVE-Eating sugar will cause insulin resistance..........not glucosamine............trust me!

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« Odgovor #76 poslato: Februar 03, 2008, 01:47:49 posle podne »
I recently got
36 sostenon 250.
16 deca-durablin 50mg.
30 andriol tc 40mg capsulas.
20 stenox (fluoximesterna 2.5mg tablets).
50 oxyflux clenbuterol tablets 0.02 mg.

what is the best way to take what i have to make modest gains and lose fat???? i weight 280 and could stand to lose about 40 pounds.
Im a naturally big muscualr guy and have never taken any anabolics before. i figured im 36 and never taken any and would like to hit a good cycle and make some gains that will stick. thanks for your help
DAVE-500mg Sustanon per week with 100mg deca (8 weeks)

500mg Sustanon per week with 120mg Andriol per day (6 week)

2 clen per day during the entire 14 weeks


2-4IU GH upon waking with 4-6IU Humulin-R
10-20mcg IGF-1 After you train with 4IU Humulin-R
GROWTH HORMONE is only dangerous if you have a pre-existing cancer in your body. In this case, the GH will make the tumor cells grow faster. If you are healthy, however, GH should enhance your immune system and thus prevent any cancer cells from forming to begin with.

Excessive DHT doesn't cause prostate problems in my estimation. It's the ratio of estrogen to DHT that's the problem. Think about it, 18 year old boys have the largest amount of DHT in their bodies yet they don't get prostate enlargement ............. As we age, however, our testosterone and thus DHT levels decrease and the ratio of DHT:ESTROGEN decreases. There's more ESTROGEN and less DHT.............It's the estrogen that sensitizes the prostate cells to DHT and thus causes the cells to excessively enlarge. The trick is to DECREASE ESTROGEN (with an aromatase inhibitor like Arimidex) and increase testostereone slightly with testosterone replacement.
Arimidex has been shown to lower HDL cholesterol a bit, however, other than that, it's relatively safe to take long term; especially if it keeps your elevated estrogen levels down. If you're only taking it because you have gyno, perhaps you should consider having the surgery to get the glands removed.

Dave what do you reccomend for cardio w/o gear for cuttin 202-5 in 16 weeks. Is 30 minutes every day on an empty stomach at 60-70% of max heart rate enough?
DAVE-CARDIO should be performed at a low intensity (under 120bpm heartrate). This will ensure that you use FAT as a fuelsource since as your heartrate increase, carbohydrates begin to become the preferred fuel of choice for the body. When on a low carb diet, you're body will break down muscle and turn that into carbs. Remember, Fat CANNOT be changed into carbs. Therefore, for bodybuilding, the rule of cardio should be LONG DURATION, LOW INTENSITY

THANKS DAVE FOR THE REPLY.. speaking of test.. what is your opinion of test only cycles.. maybe just 750 mgs of test a week.. anti e and nothing else.. would it work well in your opinion with out a anabolic?
DAVE-It was always my belief that you can take TESTOSTERONE alone and grow just as good as if you took other things with it. Testosterone is, after all, the main muscle building hormone in the male body. 200-300mg Test per week is great for maintainance of muscle; however, as your dosage rises over 500mg per week, muscle gains start dramatically increasing. Ideally, 750-1000mg of Testosterone per week will yield the best gains.

Follow my same formula. . . High protein (50g per meal), Moderate Fat (25g per meal), and moderate carbs (35-50g per meal). If you're a hard gainer, eat 8-10 meals. If you're an easy gainer (but get fat easily), stick to 6 meals per day.
All anabolic steroids strengthen MUSCLE TISSUE only. They have no effect on tendons and ligaments. Some anabolics like Deca exert an anti-inflamatory effect on joints but they still have no effect on connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, cartilage). GH, (and thus IGF-1) have an effect on muscle and connective tissue. They will strengthen and rebuild joint integrity, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage coated surfaces (including knee menisci)

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I have a question for you. With all the hype as well as the controversy surrounding the use of coconut oil as a fat source, what do you think of it? The only thing I noticed with it when I used it a couple of years ago was that it makes me do #2. I always see it in the supplement store and wonder about it. You're the only person I'd bother asking about it as I know you'll know if it is of any value to us. Thanks.
DAVE-Virgin Coconut Oil is a MEDIUM CHAIN SATURATE FAT. Because it's not a long chain fatty acid, it avoids digestion, processing, and the need for a carrier molecule (L-carnitine) to get into the mitochondria to be burned for energy (oxidized). Becuase of this, Coconut oil (and all medium chain fats) have been called the FATLESS FAT. From a health standpoint, its a great immune system stimulator (lots of AIDS patients are now using it for its antiviral properties). We must remember, however, that Coconut Oil is not an essential fat and, in my estimation, is useless when dieting. What it's good for as supplemental calories and fats while on a MASS BUILDING program. I used to put one teaspoon in my morning Oatmeal. Give's it some moisture and a nice coconut taste. I wouldn't advise cooking with it however. Stick with the heart healthy monounsaturated fat, MACADAMIA NUT OIL.

dave.. last question on test.. i swear .. what do you recommend for prostate health when on a high test (androgen) cycle.. ? i am concerned about prostate health and know that dht can aggravate prostate enlargement ect..
Take a good antiaromatase (Arimidex, or Femara-- 1mg every other day) along with a good DHT blocker (Propecia: 1mg per day). Also keep testosterone levels at 200-750mg per week (200mg if you're on replacement dosages)

DAVE-ORAL GLUTAMINE never makes it to the muscle as Glutamine (the intestinal cells steal up much of it). All the muscle studies with GLUTAMINE (in burn patients) are done with IV infused GLUTAMINE (not oral). Glutamine does happen to be very good for the GI TRACT and for immune system enhancement. That's why they give it to AIDS patients. The best way to increase intramuscular glutamine levels is by ingesting a good Whey Protein supplement since the muscle cells easily interconvert other amino acids into glutamine.
I used Kynoselen years ago as a fat burner while dieting. I'm not sure if it actually did anything. At the time, I asked DR SCOTT CONNELLY (inventor of MET-RX) what he thought about it and he said, "I can't see why it would build muscle or burn fat, but, HEY, I guess it can't hurt! There's a heck of a lot of vitamins in there." With that in mind, I wouldn't waste your money on it. Besides, it leave the injection site very sore after you inject.

I don't believe there is any credibility to that BLOOD TYPE DIET. GIMMICKS GIMMICKS GIMMICKS!!

Hows Jason Huh doing? I see that dude as a major threat here in the future. Maybe get some off season pics?

I'm still working with JASON and I think he'll really impress a lot of people this year when we get him onstage for the 2007 NPC JR NATIONALS.
 DAVE-I recommend 8-10 meals for OFFSEASON MASS BUILDING. 6 meals for pre-contest dieting. There's no need for more than 6 meals when dieting. I only have TONEY FREEMAN eating 6 meals and he's huge!
Everything stays exactly the same. The same principles apply to the body whether on drugs or not. High protein, moderate fat, low carb is the ideal environment for optimal fat burning/muscle preservation.
During high intensity cardio, the body requires ATP (energy) quickly and the oxidation of fatty acids take too long to generate sufficient ATP to keep up with the requirements, so the body automatically switches its metabolic machinery over to anaerobic respiration (which can only use glucose as a fuel source). This produces much less ATP, but it generates it at an extremely quick rate. In the absence of carbs in the diet, the body must synthesize its own glucose from amino acids. The best source of amino acids in the body is lean muscle tissue. So, when doing high intensity cardio in a diet absent in carbs, the body will break down muscle and turn it into glucose. Remember, fats cannot be turned into glucose (IMPOSSIBLE!)
I beleive in sticking with the mild stuff when doing a first cycle since anything you do will work great. Try 400mg Deca per week with 50mg winstrol 3x per week........
The best natural testosterone booster is a potent anti-estrogen like 6-oxo or Gaspari's Novedex XT. The reason is that it's ESTROGEN that shuts down testosterone production in men. Therefore, if you inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, you'll allow your body to crank out more natural testosterone without the possibility of shutdown by excess estrogen.
When you've never done a cycle, testosterone is unnecessary since ANYTHING will make you grow. You might as well stick with mild stuff.
Never discontinue testosterone..... Keep it in right up the about 2-3 days out. The diet, diuretics, and water restriction that last 12 hours will get rid of any extra water.

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« Odgovor #77 poslato: Februar 03, 2008, 01:51:17 posle podne »
ja koliko sam citao da dave bas nema ovako smesne doze..cak sto vise....

a kruzila je prica da je prodavao fake GH..

e sada..ovo sto ja ovde rpocitash izlgeda kao med i melko i sve mi ima lokike..

poloms..jel ti to kreces u neke nove avanture>???

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« Odgovor #78 poslato: Februar 03, 2008, 02:02:39 posle podne »
ja koliko sam citao da dave bas nema ovako smesne doze..cak sto vise....

a kruzila je prica da je prodavao fake GH..

e sada..ovo sto ja ovde rpocitash izlgeda kao med i melko i sve mi ima lokike..

poloms..jel ti to kreces u neke nove avanture>???
Ma kakvi,nema potrebe za tolikim experimantima.Davove postove vadim jer ima tu i zanimljivih stvari,ima i lazi[VEROVATNO] a i ma i "IZMEDJU REDOVA"...
 :lol:   :lol: 

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« Odgovor #79 poslato: Februar 03, 2008, 04:20:48 posle podne »
E to izmedju redova, je veoma zajebana stvar.

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« Odgovor #80 poslato: Februar 06, 2008, 10:40:54 pre podne »
I hate aldactone. Why? Because aldactone works by inhibiting the hormone aldosterone. Aldosterone's job in the body is to reabsorb sodium and water. If you inhibit aldosterone's actions (with aldactone) and for some reason you happen to deplete out too much sodium to the point where you start cramping (a very common occurance), you have NO RECOURSE. Why? Because no matter how much sodium you take in, the body's ability to reabsorb it is "dead". With a balanced diuretic like DYAZIDE, which works by actively causing the kidney tubules to excrete sodium and water, if you happen to overdue it and you start cramping, the ingestion of a packet of salt with a shot glass full of water will easily re-balance your electrolytes and solve the problem (because aldosterone is still functioning normally).

What are your thoughts on AAS use and women? Not just in terms of female BB’s but those in figure and fitness as well. I’ve got a couple figure competitors I’ve been helping out and both have asked me about AAS use as well as fat burners such as clen and t-3. For the moment I’ve told them to hold off and that we’d dive into that if needed later down the road. In all honesty, although I feel comfortable advising males, when it comes to females I am a little more leery out of fear of seriously screwing them up. So in short, what is the best approach to take with this? Where is a good place to start? I’m not expecting to get an exact cycle plan from you on this or what not, just more of a general answer and your feelings on the matter…thanks.Women, in my estimation, shouldn't use anything stronger than anavar (which is pretty side effect free). Clenbuterol and Cytomel are acceptable fat burners. GH (in small dosages-- 1IU) are okay for short periods of time, as well. Interestingly, my LIPOLYZE fat burner works great on women with stubborn lower body fat.


2000IU HCG every 3rd day for a total of 5 shots followed by 100mg Clomid per day for 3 weeks. Stay on 1mg Arimidex or Femara every other day for the entire 5 week PCT.

Dave how would you dose and cycle of T3 and clen? Also would you take them all at once for a particular dose or split it up? Take 20mcg Clenbuterol 2x per day (increase by 20mcg per day every 2-3 weeks). Try not to exceed 120mcg per day). Cytomel: 25mcg per day (increase by 12.5mcg per day every 2-3 weeks) Try not to exceed 75mcg per day.
Always split up the dosage of clenbuterol (20mcg per dose).

what do you think of proviron as an anti-e.. i know you recommend arimedex or femara, but it sounds like proviron is better because it is actually anabolic.. what is your take?Proviron is an androgen; however, its not an anti-aromatase. It inhibits estrogen by blocking receptors (similar to nolvadex). Armidex and Femara block the coversion of testosterone into estrogen so that 1) You don't lose the precious testosterone and 2) you have no estrogen to worry about causing side effects. ARMIDEX and FEMARA are light years ahead of proviron in that respect.

Dave whats your take on halotestin for precontest?While it's true that I don't like orals, in the past we used to use 20mg Halotestin 2 weeks prior to a contest to really harden up (Halotestin is extremely high in non-aromatizing androgens); however, even since trenbolone returned to the marketplace (it was gone from 1992-about 1997), trenbolone has replaced halotestin. Trenbolone acetate is just as fast acting as Halo, its an injectable so there's much less liver toxicity and stomach irritation, and trenbolone glycogen loads the muscle at least 40% better than halotestin ever did. So, why even use HALOTESTIN?

Why? Several pro's recommend it over insulin
When you train do you take every set to failure and beyond or stop short?Not everyone needs INSULIN or METFORMIN. First off, if you're not taking GH, don't even waste your time. Secondly, if you are talking GH, then you'll only need insulin if you're "FLAT" all the time and you're not absorbing your food. Chances are you don't fall into that category (unless you're very lean by nature).
As for training, my slogan is "STIMULATE, DON'T ANNIHILATE!"

hi Dave . what is your thoughts on Insulin usage when carbing up for a show?Unnecessary. You should only be eating about 25-35g carbs per meal. With that amount of carbohydrates, there is no need for EXTRA insulin. You'll just get bloated.

I'm 24 yrs old and completely natural. I'm currently 5'9 220 and would like to test the waters...I saw where you stated earlier that Deca and Winstrol are a nice starting point. What are the dosages and duration of these two you recommend and why is this an ideal first cycle? Are there any other good combinations I could use for my initial foray? 400mg deca per week and 50mg winstrol every other day. Stay on this for 10-12 weeks. I like these two compounds because they are virtually side effect free and, as a first cycle, you'll get lots of gains.....with very few losses after the cycle is over.

1.) How many sets would you recommend for each bodypart? 6-10 sets
2.) Do you think training to failure bad for muscle growth? Vary your intensity. Train till the muscle gives out; not the joint!
3.) What do you think about incorporationg those intensity techniques such as Pre-Exhaust, decending sets, Supersets, Rest_Pause, forced reps, etc.to maximize growth? Once again, variation keeps the gains coming. Every so many workouts, try to incorporate different techniques to keep the body guessing

Is the use of uva ursi anywhere near as effective as dyazide if it's done right? Thanks. It works well, however, you need to take more of it than if you used Dyazide. Dyazide is easy..........a few halfs and you're as dry as a bone. UVA URSI takes a little more finesse. The LEAN FAST product i sell on my website has usnic acid and uva ursi in it. It works really well the last week before a show to help squeeze out that last bit of subcutaneous water.

For a natural bodybuilder who wants to use your contest diet just to lose weight do you suggest no cardio and let the diet and training do the work or do you suggest some low intensity cardio. Thanks.BIlly is right. Cardio is an integral part of precontest preparation especially since you can't use clenbuterol or cytomel to lose bodyfat./B]

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« Odgovor #81 poslato: Februar 07, 2008, 01:42:09 pre podne »
ako je neko momentalno na high fat diet preporucujem: whey+maslinovo ulje i cola light+maslinovo ulje
delikates splachine
sutra cu probat sa flaxseed oil da zamutim
matere mi matere,
kupicu ti dimije


  • Gost
« Odgovor #82 poslato: Februar 07, 2008, 08:29:27 pre podne »
sto ne probas da zamutis sa kikiriki puterom?

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« Odgovor #83 poslato: Februar 07, 2008, 09:17:53 pre podne »
Mora naci natural kikiriki puter, ovo sve sto sam ja video ima secera, i jos nekih sranja, nije to taj. . .

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« Odgovor #84 poslato: Februar 07, 2008, 09:32:42 pre podne »
tesko se nalazi, treba ga iskopat.
 isto tako i pored toliko vrsta maslinovog ulja treba potrefit pravo, da nije mjesano sa nekom drugom vrstom biljnog ulja. flaxseed da i ne spominjem
matere mi matere,
kupicu ti dimije

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« Odgovor #85 poslato: Februar 07, 2008, 12:22:09 posle podne »
Ja sam nalazio u bolje opremljenim radnjama zdrave hrane hladno cedjena maslinova ulja Grcka i Spanska zapakovana u limenke,a takodje i razne varijante natural kikiriki butera.Nego vezano za ovu dijetu..kada sam radio slicnu varijantu,zaista brzo se skidala masnoca,ali imao sam padove energije,nervozu,i gubitak punoce,no posteno pored niskih hidrata i masti su bile prilicno niske u odnosu na ovo sto  Dave savetuje...

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« Odgovor #86 poslato: Februar 07, 2008, 04:40:05 posle podne »
@ H2SO4

Healthy fat/protein dijeta je vrlo jednostavna, a hrana je zacudjujuce ukusna, za razliku od drugih dijeta. Ako si primijetio u Palumbo-vim tekstovima, svaki obrok ima isti odnos F/P i mozes ih mijenjati po redosljedu ili jedna za drugi. Meni osobno shake nije drag pa ga mijenjam sa cvrstim obrokom. Isto tako, shake mozes pripremiti po uputstvu a umjesto kikiriki putera  uzmes preporucenu kolicinu orasatih plodova. Maslinovo ulje mozes koristiti u mjesavini sa drugim uljima, vazan je sadrzaj Omega 3 masnih kiselina.

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« Odgovor #87 poslato: Februar 07, 2008, 05:02:29 posle podne »
Iskustva ljudi kazu da bas nije lako izdrzati ovu dijetu, postajes nervozan i razdrazljiv. . . mada ukusno zvuci. mmmm kikiriki buter

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« Odgovor #88 poslato: Februar 07, 2008, 05:46:41 posle podne »
@ H2SO4

Healthy fat/protein dijeta je vrlo jednostavna, a hrana je zacudjujuce ukusna, za razliku od drugih dijeta. Ako si primijetio u Palumbo-vim tekstovima, svaki obrok ima isti odnos F/P i mozes ih mijenjati po redosljedu ili jedna za drugi. Meni osobno shake nije drag pa ga mijenjam sa cvrstim obrokom. Isto tako, shake mozes pripremiti po uputstvu a umjesto kikiriki putera  uzmes preporucenu kolicinu orasatih plodova. Maslinovo ulje mozes koristiti u mjesavini sa drugim uljima, vazan je sadrzaj Omega 3 masnih kiselina.
ma skapiro sam, nema frke.
nego kazem bas za to maslinovo ulje da cesto pojedini proizvodjaci razblazuju sa rafinisanim uljem i ko zna cime zbog jeftinije proizvodnje.
Iskustva ljudi kazu da bas nije lako izdrzati ovu dijetu, postajes nervozan i razdrazljiv. . . mada ukusno zvuci. mmmm kikiriki buter
jbg, carbs junkies
ja se odma naviknem, cak sam i jedva taj jedan cheat meal pojeo
« Poslednja izmena: Februar 07, 2008, 05:48:14 posle podne H2SO4 »
matere mi matere,
kupicu ti dimije

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Why only extra virgin olive oil as opposed to regular olive oil?? Whats with the all the hype on sesame oil as being the better than omegas and stuff. I only read that from the ads on sesamin? which was basicaly sesame oil. If you took pure borage oil for the GLA would there be you still use primrose, or does borage cover that in all of the benifits that theu both provide.
Regular Olive Oil has been processed and, in doing so, has damaged the fragile monounsaturated fats in the Olive Oil. Olive Oil should be COLD PRESSED and stored in a dark container. When they bleach out the olive oil to give it a lighter color and less bitter taste, it destroys the healthy benefits.

I gave your back workout a try and loved it, Im starting to become a fan of the low volume high intensity training. The only other bodypart that im lacking in is shoulders, is there any chance i can get a workout for them?

Machine press or Dumbbell press, or Military Press—3 sets (4-10 reps)
Machine Lateral raises (one arm at time) 2 sets (8-10 reps)
Dumbbell or cable front raises 2 sets (10 reps)
Bent-over Dumbbell raises 2 sets (8-10)
Dumbbell or Barbell Shrugs 2 sets (10 reps)

How many grams of Creatine each day should I be consuming when I'm on your diet? I'm a natural bodybuilder and as I mentioned before my muscles feels flat all the time. 5grams 2x per day.

What is your prefered meal that you have your clients eating the night before show day? Protein/fat/carbs.......no sodium

I have heard allot of bodybuilder like to drink some wine the night before, this acts as a directic, would you recommend this? Let the diuretics act as diuretics and let your food fill up the muslces. Get rid of all the HOCUS POCUS VOODOO BODYBUILDING tricks!

And what is the prefered meal on the morning of the show? 4 WHOLE EGGS

Would you stay clear of eggs and fish since the sodium content is a wee bit higher? NOPE. The morning of the show, you want to put back a little sodium to prevent cramping. Remember, in the morning, you're no longer drinking which makes it imposible to smooth out.

I know you use white rice as your carb source, what protein and fat sources would you use and at what quantities roughly. chicken, fish, meal, peanutbutter, almonds, whole eggs......the same foods that the person dieted on.

How much water would you consume the last week, running up to show day?as much as you want until 8pm the night before the show (then stop)

Would this reduce on a daily basis? NO

What if anything do you have your clients eating or drinking prior to going on stage, alcohol, sweets, good carbs? NO TRICKS. Eat the same foods you used the entire diet.

Do you use any supplementation prior to going on stage, i.e Niacin etc? NO, It can make you light headed and cause you to pass out.

What day would you normally start carbing up your clients if the show day is on Saturday afternoon? THURSDAY

Would you stick with your 6 x meal per day regime? YES

Would you include protein source with every meal?
If so what protein do you prefer? YES, the same as during the diet. No protein shakes the FRIDAY before.

Would you include fat source with every meal?
If so what fat source do you prefer? YES

one of my training partners and i were debating on wether it is possible to prepare for a show on test alone. can you clear this up? i do not use (not that there is anything wrong with it) and he does. he pretty much stays on 500-750 mgs omnadren year round and doesnt eat all that clean. i would say moderately clean. he says that if he drops the jusnk food and cleans up all the sodium he could get dry and shredded for the stage
I always said that it's indeed possible to compete on JUST testosterone!

Finishing a T-Cypionate, Sust, Primo cycle...for mass...
Q- Whats your opinion on the follow up to this cycle ?
Thanks for the help.

T. Enanthate (250mg EOD) with EQ (200mg EOD)

Is phentermine o.k. to take ?Will it raise cortisol levels?
37.5 mg 1 x day
Thanks for your reply.
Its a stimulant and it's not healthy. I don't recommend it. You won't be hungry if you follow my diet plan.

1.) What do you think of Dorain Yates' bood and guts style of training, doing only 1 set to failure on each exercise ? You think it could work for a natural bodybuilder like myself? I like the style only I usually add in a few more exercises. But I stick to the 1 or 2 set per exercise strategy. Works well for people who have trained for a few years. If you're a beginner it's hard to "FEEL" the muscle enough to stimulate it enough in one set.

2.) What's the secret to maximizing vascularity during competition ? It has a genetic component but as bodyfat levels decrease, vascularity increases as well.

3.) Do you believe it's possible to hit the muscles at different angles through grip variations like doing close grip barbell curls for the outer biceps and wide grip barbell curls for the inner head? YES

Using 50mg of winstrol EOD and 75mg of Tren on the days I don't use the winny, I seem to not be able to acquire arimidex or proviron. I know you aren't a big proviron fan(I think) but would you think something OTC like 6OXO or Gaspari's Novadex XT at double strength would suffice?

I have reason to believe you think highly of those particular products. Does SPECIES have a similar product in that fashion and if not...do you plan on designing one?
SPECIES doesn't have one yet (because I want to make something better than whats out there). Gaspari's NOVEDEX XT seems to be one of the best antiaromatases out there. Give it a shot!

So masteron wouldnt be any good to take with Tren?This is what i meant about the profile i read, it said its good to stack Masteron with Tren.....what do you think?

What fast acting agents would you stack for an off season 8 week cycle?

Its okay to stack. Masteron is more of a pre-contest drug. Offseason you usually want to stick with longer acting drug since MASS is usually a priority. The longer the drug is in your system, the better and more consistent the gains.

1.) Do you think canned tuna is a good source of high quality protein? I survived on it in jail. When I first started bbing, I ate 4 cans a day. It "works"!

2.) Do you think Tofu is a good source of protein? Could it be included in your diet? Marginal. It can be included but I wouldn't depend on it exclusively.

3.) How about Cottage Cheese? Good source of protein. Watch your dairy intake though. Too much is no good. I find it very mucous forming.

4..) Is it true that artificial sweeteners like equal and splenda although non caloric could raise insulin level?
I don't find that. My gf is diabetic and she doesn't have issues with that either.

5.) What techniques to you employ to blast weak bodyparts into growth? Don't BLAST them........... "STIMULATE; DON'T ANNIHILATE!"

6.) How many reps is ideal when working forearms? 12-15

7.) Do you think it's a good idea to add weights on abdominal exercises? no

After taking a diuretic (ie Maxzide) for a show, does one have to wean off of it to prevent bloating? If so, how would they go about it? Thank you sir.

I recommend that people stay on about 1/2 dyazide (maxzide) per day for the 5 days following the show...........that usually works. Sometimes an additional 1/2 pill is needed for a few more days.

Dave how should I dose 2ius of hgh being that I work 12 hour swing shifts. Before sleep, or wake up, training days ???. When you wake up!

Also do you find it important to add T3 even on a dose of only 2ius unnecessary unless you're dieting for a show!

Ok I finally got up to where I finally started reading... I have been waiting to ask a question until I got through everything you have already answered... I have seen where you say to do GH first thing in the am due to being most catabolic... And I know many will think I am getting this mixed up with IGF1... But what about hitting it immediately PW? I have heard it said that will suppress your natural production but everyone acts like your GH secretion is immediately after your workout and I would think it would be most apt to be produced during? And with one of GH prime benefeits being to evevate IGF1 wouldn't this be of benefeit right after a workout??? Sorry for such a long question, but I want to make it evident that I do understand why its stated not to do GH PW as well as that I know IGF1 is commonly pushed PW and Im not confusing them.... If you did get into detail in past response I apologize, but you have a lot of responses in here, I tried hitting them all up.. And also yes Im horrid at spelling...
It's not a bad idea except for the fact that GH also acts antogonistically to INSULIN........meaning, it can make you INSULIN RESISTANT which would mean you won't absorb your food with maximal efficiency. Stick to IGF-1 or Insulin post workout!
I did a shot of Cyp/Ent ( 500mg) combo on Monday in my right glute.
Even today , Its still very painful and swollen ...I don't have a fever and the area is not red at all...I don't know if its due to the potency 500mgs I believe is a lot per 1 cc...
Should I be heading to a hospital..

That's too many MILLIGRAMS (mg) in one area. It's very irritating to the tissue. If the pain and swelling progressively gets worse over the next 48 hours, go to the doctor and get on some antibiotics.
what would be the best to jump start a cycle of sust at 600 a week d-bol,t-bol,anadrol? thanks dave

Sustanon can JUMP START itself. It contains fast acting Test propionate esters!