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Ultimate Mass            
Written by Dave Palumbo   
Monday, 25 September 2006
Whether it occurs while appearing at various bodybuilding contests around the country, or by daily email, or by personal cell phone inquisition, I am constantly accosted by the same question: How do I get HUGE? I have finally decided to put together the most definitive mass-gaining program available anywhere in the world. I can guarantee that if you follow the simple tenets that I will lay out before you in the next several paragraphs, you will find that your muscle-growing abilities will prosper.


When attempting to gain mass, the most common pitfall confronted by most bodybuilders is that they simply do not consume enough protein. If you ask them if they eat enough, they all invariable reply,

"You wouldn't believe how much I eat!"

My response to that statement is,

"You've never seen me eat, have you?"

At that point, the inquisitor invariably starts getting nervous (as if they have finally come to grips with the fact that they're outgunned). My next inquiring question is,

"How much protein do you eat per day?"

to which most people answer,

"I'm not sure, but it's a lot!"

They aren't sure how much protein they eat, but they're sure that they eat a lot-now there's a real logician! Once I've reached this point in the "interview" process (as I like to call it), I realize what I am dealing with and I stop asking stupid questions that I definitely know the answers to. Instead, I help these individuals to construct a mass-gaining diet that will fit their particular needs (Remember: The main goal is to gain lean muscle mass while minimizing fat gains).

Another very important tenet of gaining mass is that, while frequent protein consumption is important, over-consumption of protein can also be detrimental to muscle gains. Because your body can only process so much protein at one sitting (this amount varies from individual to individual), consuming too much protein taxes the liver and kidneys (since these organs need to metabolize, detoxify, and excrete the extra protein) and this invariably stunts the body's ability to synthesize new muscle. Remember, we don't want to draw valuable energy needed for protein synthesis to help and aid the digestion and detoxification of excess protein.

Back in the early 90's, bodybuilders (myself included) were consuming 500-600g of protein per day in an effort to increase muscle gains. What we discovered in the last 5-10 years is that we were wasting most of this protein and causing our bodies to have to work extra hard to break it all down. Meanwhile, bodybuilders were greatly deprived of essential fats such as linoleic acid (omega-6 fats) and alpha linolenic acid (omega-3 fats), cholesterol-fats (from egg yolks and red meat) for steroidal hormone synthesis, and monounsaturated fats (such as olive oil and macadamia nut oil) for muscle cell membrane repair. What we were essentially doing back then was consuming huge amounts of protein and getting our fatty acid requirements indirectly by way of all the protein we ate (all animal protein sources also contain fat). The problem was that we were only getting animal fat protein. This still left us in a fat-deprived state. If you fail to consume essential fats in your diet (just as if you fail to eat enough protein), the end result will be stifled muscle gains (if on a bulking cycle) or reduced fat losses (if on a diet).

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: The body does not like to be deprived of protein or fat-- both are essential nutrients for optimum lean muscle gains. On the other hand, carbohydrates (of which I have not even mentioned once) are completely unessential nutrients. If, as bodybuilders or regular sedentary individuals, we were never to consume another gram of carbohydrates, our bodies would continue to grow muscle and metabolize fat without a single hesitation (and most of us would find that we got much leaner, as well). If some of you think I have a secret weapon in my arsenal of muscle-building, fat-burning, techniques, you're correct. It's called KNOWLEDGE!

To reiterate, carbohydrates are not considered essential nutrients in the muscle-building process; however, they are a very necessary source of energy when in a mass-gaining stage since we do not want to use all the essential muscle-building fat to fuel our workouts. When in a gaining stage, then, carbohydrates are a great energy source to preserve the dietary protein and fat for muscle-building purposes. While in a dieting stage; however, fat becomes a much more desirable energy source since it suppresses insulin release (carbs stimulate insulin release), it helps the body to maintain energy levels while on a reduced calorie diet (carbohydrates being the reduced calories), it provides essential fatty acids to the body which prevents protective "preservation" modes from occurring (whereby fat mobilization is halted), and it helps to stabilize blood sugar levels (reducing food cravings and increasing satiety).



6 whole omega-3 eggs with 1 cup of oatmeal


Meal Replacement SHAKE with a liquid carbohydrate drink (such as GATORAIDE or ULTRAFUEL)


½ pound (8oz) of chicken (or turkey or filet of sole or shrimp) with ½ cup nuts (almonds, cashews, or walnuts) with 1 cup RICE


Same as MEAL 2


½ pound (8oz) of red meat (or salmon or swordfish) with a salad with 2 tablespoon of olive or macadamia nut oil and vinegar with 1 baked potato and/or yam

MEAL 6: Same as MEAL 3

MEAL 7: Same as MEAL 2

MEAL 8: 6 whole omega-3 eggs with1 cup grits


1. Multivitamin 2 x per day (take all vitamins with food): Men should take a multivitamin "without iron" added (women require iron since they lose blood, and thus, iron when they menstruate monthly)
2. Vitamin C 1000mg 2 x per day (anti-oxidant): Antioxidants prevent damage from free radicals (which can further damage muscle cells even after the workout is completed). By reducing cellular damage to muscle tissue, it enables the damaged muscle (from training) to repair itself at a greatly accelerated rate
3. Vitamin E (with Selenium) 400IU 2x per day (anti-oxidant): Two other vital Antioxidants.
4. Omega-3 Fish Oil Pills 1000mg2-3x per day (essential omega-3 fats)
5. Evening Primrose Oil 1300mg 2 x per day (essential omega-6 fats): As mentioned before, essential fatty acids are required to help rebuild broken down tissues in the body. If not consumed, daily, they will, essentially, stunt future muscle growth.
6. MSM Powder (for joints and tissue repair) 2000mg 2 x per day: All bodybuilders, at one time or another, have had joint pain and/or injuries. MSM is an extremely bio-available source of sulfur that is vital in the repair of connective tissue (joint surfaces, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage). Sulfur is also a necessary component in the repair and synthesis of muscle tissue and since we don't eat many foods that are high in sulfur, MSM becomes a very desirable supplement to the mass-gaining or contest-dieting bodybuilder.
7. Glucosamine sulfate 1000mg 2x per day: Glucosamine sulfate is another component of connective tissue that is very rarely consumed in the diet (since not many people eat ligaments and tendons along with there chicken breasts and filet mignons). Ingesting adequate amounts of glucosamine, has, experimentally, been illustrated to aid in the repair of torn meniscal cartilages, degenerative joint surfaces, and weak ligaments and tendons.
8. Creatine 5 grams 2 x per day (5g in the morning/ 5g after you train): Creatine is one of the most incredible natural supplements to hit the market. Its strong presence, even after almost 10 years on the market, is a testament to its truly unique abilities. It does two distinct, yet invaluable, jobs in the body.

First, it causes a volumizing (swelling) effect on the muscle cells such that the muscles find themselves in an extremely anabolic environment 24 hours a day. NOTE: Muscle cells love to be well hydrated. In fact, dehydrated muscle cells are very catabolic-that is, they are much more likely to break down.

Second, Creatine buffers ATP levels in muscle tissue (ATP is the only energy source that powers the muscle cells). The reason your muscles never run out of energy is because Creatine (as Creatine-phosphate inside the muscle cell) ensures that ATP levels are constantly regenerated. The more Creatine found inside the muscle cell, the greater the potential source of ATP. This is a great advantage to over-trained, contest, bodybuilders and endurance athletes who require tremendous stores of ATP to fuel these long, strenuous workouts.

week  igf-1[mcg/day]Test. Cypionate (mg/w)Equipoise (mg/week) Sustanon 250 (mg/w]Trenbolone acetate (mg/w) G H (IU/day) Arimidex (mg/EOD)

1         11                    800                               300                                                                                                            2                   1
2         11                    800                               300                                                                                                            2                   1
3         11                    1000                             350                                                                                                            2                   1
4         11                    1000                             350                                                                                                            3                   1
5                                 1200                             400                                                                                                            3                   1
6                                 1200                             400                                                                                                            3                   1
7         11                    1000                             350                                                                                                            3                   1
8         11                   1000                             300                                                                                                            4                   1
9         11                                                                                                          750                                     150                4                   1
10      11                                                                                                           750                                     150                4                    1
11                                                                                                                     1000                                   200                4                     1
12                                                                                                                     1000                                   200                4                     1
13           11                                                                                                      1200                                   225                3                     1
14           11                                                                                                      1200                                   225                3                     1
15           11                                                                                                      1000                                   250                2                     1
16           11                                                                                                      1000                                   250                2                     1
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What do you think about functional and core training vs. traditional resistance training in re-guards to getting the average person in shape and also physique athletes? Its hard to be specific but I pretty sure you know what I'm talking about. Ive be doing PT for about 15 years and the basics still seem to work, but Ive always been open to learning something new if it gets my clients closer to their goals. Stick the basics and have your clients eat a good, healthy, diet (high protein/moderate essential fats/low to moderate carbs) and they'll see great results. THink about it, people got in shape way before all these NEW techniques came out.

I'm thinking about doing your S.M.A.R.T. Certification. You'll love it! There's a ton of interesting, useful, information.
What is your stretching protocol?

Before/After a bodypart? Light warmup! They stretch AFTER you train.

After each set? Not excessive.

What is an example for stretching legs? Hard to describe in words!
any NATURALS here get hella ripped from doing walking as cardio?its hard for me to give up jogging for walking i keep thinking walking wouldnt get me that ripped compared to jogging Jogging will definitely cause muscle loss! You can bet on that.
Hey Dave, i was wondering what could i use in my postcycle, if i used Oxa 30mg (each day), Primo 200mg weekly, Stano 150mg weekly for 10 weeks I'd just do an aromatase inhibitor for the OFF PERIOD since you really didn't suppress yourself that much from your cycle.

In regards to training:

Do you warm up for every single exercise you do in your routine? If so, how many warm up sets? No, just the first exercise for the particular bodypart I'm training. For instance, I will do three sets of my first chest exercise (incline presses), then I'll do 1-2 sets for each additional exercise I do.

Do you think 3 working sets is pushing it even if your not plateauing on the weights? NO
What do you think would be a better med if you got prescribed one of these hyzar or lisinopril.. I know Hyazar has a thyazide in it.. Thank you for taking your time LISINOPRIL is much better and safer since it's only an ACE INHIBITOR!
Dave, how many carbs ARE NECESSARY to spare protein in ANY diet. not your keto... That's an impossible generalized question to answer. I need to know how fast the person's metabolism is and I need to know what their activity level is.

i know youve said low carb diets are more likey to have gluconeogenisis occur.

im currently eating 250-275 grams of protien.... 100-120grams of fat... and 120-150 grams of carbs per day... and on workout days 150-175 g carbs.,.. including waxymaize. i weight 205 pounds give or take. with probably 13 % Bf... one cheat meal per week on sunday night. and i always get my protein in!... also if gluconeogenisis would occur on a diet like this would the use of AAS or Clen(as an anti catabolic protien sparing drug.) help maintain leean body mass? You're eating a lot of calories. YOu shouldn't have to worry much about losing muscle or relying on gluconeogenesis for energy unless your activity level is through the roof.
My girlfriend had her thyroid taken out a few years ago because of cancer and her doctor prescribes her t-4 to take on a daily basis. Her doctor just upped her dosage for a higher amount to be taken daily so she does not need the ones she was taking previously and asked if I wanted them ( they are 112 mcg of t-4 per tab). T-4 converts into T-3 so what type of dosage would I need to have say 25mcg of t-3 converted into my system ? Is it a 3 to 1 ratio , so 75 mcg of t-4 would equal 25mcg of t-3 ? They are useless to you since your body will only convert what it needs into the active T3. Since you're not LOW in thyroid hormone, you probably won't convert any of it. When you take Cytomel (T3), that acts to boost metabolism since you're taking ACTIVE THYROID HORMONE.
do u believe there is a contrindication with an alpha 2 antagonist (yohimbine - vasodilator) AND beta 2 agonist (Clen- vasoconstricter) do you think they would be counter productive when used together? is it like using a blood thiner (coumadin) and vitamin K (for clotting) . Although they both work on different receptors (Clen on b-2 and yohimbe on a-2), there still might be some interaction since both boost output of norepinephrine. The typical side effect would be overstimulation of your nervous system (nervousness, anxiety).

when using clen and it works on adipose tissue, not estrogen dependant fat, and then towards the end of the clen cycle can you add in yohimbine to work on the alpha receptors that are found in the estrogen dependant fat area (which are found in alpha receptors).. ie inner thighs lower abdomen and back of arms? I think if you didn't go crazy on the dosage, you could use both at the same time. However, if you have access to clenbuterol, stick to using that. It's much more powerful as a fat burner!
Current research shows that cycling the amount of protein per pound of bodyweight may be anabolic.

Let's say the intake is .8g per pound for a 5-7 days, then for 7-14 days you up the intake to 1.75-2g per pound and the cycle continues.

I was always taught the body likes a steady amount of aminos. Though theoretically if you starved yourself for a period of time your body would use the access aminos once provided, thus promoting a growth?

Would the body readily be able to digest and assimilate the change in protein intake? Your body can handle it; however, I always found that I grew bets when overloading my body with protein consistently.

I am 3 weeks out from my show and just starting to get real sick. Do I stay in ketosis, maybe up my calories? Or should I have some carbs? When you're sick, try your best to stick to the diet; however, if you can't stomach the food, eat what you can tolerate!
Is it better absorption if you take your cal/mag supplement with your last meal before bed? I take with my morning meal and with my last meal at night.
Dave what did u think of Udos defense of Flax oil??? will this change your mind? and will this possibly change your diet because you use nuts and nut butters or nut oils as fat in alot of the meals? (to help with the ratio of omega 6-3) Udo is a genius; however, his oil tastes like shit! I prefer to use FISH OIL and EVENING PRIMROSE OIL PILLS to supplement the essential fat intake we get from the food we eat (Salmon, nuts, whole eggs, peanutbutter). Udo has a product that he's spend many years developing and he'd like you to believe that you can only really get good, safe, reliable essential fatty acids from him. I understand why he's saying that. Take in the knowledge he provided but separate that from his sales pitch.
Hi Dave. When your new product TESTOSTOLYZE comes out, will that be sufficient on its own as an aromatase inhibitor when on a 3-4 month cycle? Definitely

I understand that its the estrogens that sensitize the prostate when taking large amounts of test and that bringing the ratio back in favour ot test will help to stop this from happening. Is this one of the main functions of your product? Yes, it functions very well in that capacity
Sorry if you have explained this before, but a quick summary would be great.......dosages effects of the product etc, thanks The dosage of Testostolyze will be 100mg 1-3x per day. At 3 pills per day (30 day supply per bottle), you will get maximum estrogen and DHT inhibition.
I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but ever since I started taking fish oils, I have been getting loose stools. Are you taking fiber? Sounds like you could be malabsorbing the stuff.

Do you guys have any suggestions (fiber supplements, what kind?..etc) Try my FIBERLYZE. I believe it to be one of the best, most complete, awesome tasting fiber products you can buy.
I'm currently following your keto diet protocol for a 200lb male @ around 11%BF. On carb load days, how many grams of carbs should I consume that can get me through the week??? It's not CARB LOAD's CHEAT MEAL! Usually 300g carbs is plenty.
I was hoping I could get a confirmation regarding cardio. For speed, I've seen to keep it around 3.0, and that you shouldn't go higher than 3.5. Just walk at a steady pace, but nothing too fast. Separately, for heart rate, I've seen to target 115-125, which it should be as long as you're walking at the aforementioned speed. But when I've been walking, if I go at 3.5 my heart rate is typically around the upper 90s, maybe lower 100s. In order to reach that target zone, I have to up the speed to about 4.0 or a bit higher. I end up speed walking, which I'm not sure was recommended, and even before I reach 30 minutes my shins are burned out. Despite keeping my heart rate in that zone, I haven't been losing any weight, so I think I need to increase the duration, but I'm not sure my shins will allow it. /frustrated-at-lack-of-no-fat-loss rant Just keep the pace at 3.0-3.3 mph. Don't worry about heart rate. Your heart may just be in great shape and thus it doesn't need to beat that frequently.

To make a long story short (sorry), if I walk at a pace of 3.5, even though my heart rate would only be about 95-105, will that still lead to fat loss? YES
I've gotten into a debate with Evan Centopani and a few members over at the forums on Universal Real Gains, a product solely consisting of Maltodextrin as carbs.

My point of view was basically this: Anyone on Dave's Cyclic Bulk or Nutrition Plan could NOT properly put Real Gains to use, seeing as that it contains not-so-great sources of protein and 87g of maltodextrin. With 87g carbs coming from Maltodextrin, and plain whey isolate, it's unlikely that you will even absorb all those calories. I would bet a nice chunk of change that you'll wind up pooping your brains out from that stuff. It reminds me of the PERFECT 1100 calories shakes we used to drink back in the early 90's. Tons of malto and tons of whey concentrate and plenty of calories but you always wound up sitting on the toilet forever with those things!

This is what Evan Centopani said...

"Actually, that's only part true. While Real Gains could not be used successfully as part of a Keto diet, it doesn't mean it cannot be used in the offseason. It's a given that anything with carbs (with the exception of peanut butter, nuts, and some green veggies) cannot be consumed while doing the Keto diet/the Palumbo diet. However, offseason is a whole different ballgame. For me, depending on what point I get to in the offseason, I will intentionally incorporate carboihydrates that are more glycemic. In the first few months after a show (after dieting for 4 months and not even seen a carbohydrate) I can grow by eating very clean and having limited amounts of low GI carbs. However, three or four months into an offseason, anyone's progress is bound to slow. At this point all you can do is eat more. Or is it?
You can increase the quantity of the food you eat but if you're anything like me, you can only fit so much. Going from 6 to 7 meals a day is a significant jump for me...simply put, I just don't have that big of an appetite. In this case, it makes sense to not only take in more calories but to select carbs which are somewhat glycemic. Why? Because:
1. You will make your body release insulin. In case you have been living under a rock, insulin is THE most anabolic hormone in the body!
2. By releasing insulin you will shuttle the proteins and carbs you just consumed and you will not feel stuffed. This is key when trying to consume more can only eat what you can fit. Trust me, force-feeding yourself until you throw up is not a good look.
3. Studies have shown that liquid protein/carb combos illicit a greater anabolic effect than whole food meals with the same macronutrient profile.

Real gains is not for everyone. It's not for you if you're trying to run a keto diet. It's not for you if you're trying to maintain shredded glutes and are just looking for an in between meal supplement. Simply put, it's a GAINER. That's why it's called REAL GAINS. But on the same note, used properly it will not turn you into a fatass. It's a quality blend of carbs, proteins, and fats that will help you put on size and do it in a way that will allow you to control it."

So my question is... Right now I am maitaining weight during baseball season and lifting while trying to lean out some. In the future, after I go on keto for quite some time to lean up... If I do in fact go back on a bulk with Dave's nutrition plan, does he condone what Evan follows? What does Dave's bulk meal plan typically look like? I do not like sugar calories when trying to bulk up (except immediately after training.....and even then I prefer the waxy maize-- it runs through you in a much cleaner fashion). When hitting sticking points in your BULKING UP, don't increase carbs. That's like trying to increase the speed of your car by putting extra gasoline in the car (even though the tank is full). It's not gonna do anything except "SPILL OVER" (in the human body, it will make you fat). Instead, increase FAT calories coming from monounsaturated fats such as EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE or MACADAMIA NUT OIL (pour it in your shake or add it to your foods). You'll be boosting essential muscle building nutrients and your calorie count will rise 2x as fast as if you added carbs alone.

Technically speaking, Evan is correct. But no matter what, I still don't see how Real Gains could make you anything but a complete fatass
Hey, i am 100% new to supplements all together, and i dont plan on ever taking them for fat burning, bulking, or muscle building. However, after a recent tendon/ligament injury, I have heard about Arthrolyze, and am curious about it. I dont need/want anything thats going to do anything other than aid in recovery. I am perfectly content with my fit figure, and happy with my health. I do lots of cardio (running, mountain biking), and other hobbies that build "usable muscle"(bouldering, rock climbing etc). I am 22 years old and am sitting at ~5'9" and weigh 153.ARTHROLYZE is merely RAW MATERIALS to repair joints, connective tissue, cartilage, ligaments and tendons! It has no other function. The advantage of ARTHROLYZE is that it contains POTENT AMOUNTS of the joint repair ingredients (not just a "sprinkle here, and a sprinkle there").

I have a slightly torn tendon in my ankle, and i have been making minimal recovery for the past 6 weeks, and it's killing me. I am an extremely active person (Rock climbing, backpacking/hiking, mountain biking, wakeboarding, snowboarding, running, etc) So being in a wrap and removable walking cast has been difficult for me to endure the good weather we have been having lately.

I had a local builder, and trainer tell me about Artholyze, and gave me a brief run-down of its purpose and affects, and it sounds like the miracle pill for me. But being someone who is generally scared of supplements, obviously i have my doubts and questions.

I am nervous that the Arthrolyze will heal the injury so quickly that it wont repair itself properly, making me prone for another injury soon after returning to my usual active schedule. Is that true? Think about how silly that sounds. Arthrolyze will the injury too fast??? First off, ARTHROLYZE won't heal the injury. Your body will use the compounds provided in the ARTHROLYZE formula and then will repair the body. Remember, it's very hard to repair torn up connective tissue without the proper raw materials. Think about it, when was the last time you ate cartilage, ligaments, and tendons? Never! That's why you need to take a supplement that provides these essential building blocks in the correct, potent, amounts.

Is arthrolyze something that i should consider? I'd have to say YES

What dosage for me? Take 5 pills 2x per day with meals (the bottle will last you 30 days)

Are there ANY known side effects AT ALL? (hormones, attitudes, ANYTHING) NO! Pain relief is the only reported side
 Yesterday, 02:14 AM    
Hello Dave,My head is spinning from the Udo Interview.Whats your take on all this,have any of your ideas changed from listening to that? Do you still think mac oil is good for cooking? Yes, I think he's wrong about not being able to cook with macadamia nut oil (a stable monounsatured fat). I'm planning on having Dr Fred Pescatore on NO BULL RADIO. He's the author of the Hampton's Diet that advocates the use of Macadamia Nut oil. Wait till you here what he has to say.
How about fish oil do you think its makes sense? Fish oil is better than FLAX for the simple reason that it has everything in it that FLAX does PLUS it has the omega-3 intermediates, EPA and DHA. When I asked UDO the question about DHA/EPA, he only addressed those two fats (as if Fish Oil didn't contain plan alpha linolenic acid). I can understand his position, though. He sells FLAX SEED OIL!

What about that cooking thing? I do the raw meat diet sometimes,and it gets old like anything else. Maybe Ill go to the forest and bite the leg off a deer for good Thank You I think that as long as you don't CHAR your meats, you're fine!
dave i though you said that if i were taking test. then dont take eq because it is test. im confused. okay if i was to take the above cycles you recommend, first I never said that. Test and EQ is one of my favorite combinations (as anyone on here will attest to).

1-do i take the( tren )just on monday, wendsday, friday? That's fine. Some guys like to take it every other day, and that's fine too.
2- and for eq; is that 300 per week all i take in just a week and why? 100mg EQ every other day is fine. For advanced lifters, they can take 200mg EOD if they feel they need to. I used to get great results from 100mg EOD.,
3- why 6 week cycles? It should prevent your body from stagnating on the same drugs. Change of pace!
4-since deca and eq takes 3-4wks to start giving results. would'nt the short cycles defeat the purpose? Nah, once the stuff is in your system, you don't have to keep waiting for it to accumulate over and over again! Remember, the Deca may take 3 weeks to get into your system, but it will last 3 weeks after you stop taking it as well.
I weigh 176 pounds under 15 % bodyfat. My current breakdown of protein carbs and fats is as follows.......
Protein : 1 to 1.5 per pound of bodyweight
Carbs : 2 to 3 gms per pound of bodyweight
Fats : 0.5 gms per pound of bodyweight.
My goal is to currently drop down the bodyfat while steadily gaining lean muscle mass.
My question is .........As per Dave's recommendations.....
1 What would be the macronutrient ( protein/carb/fat) breakdown for an individual (under 15%bf )who is trying to lean down while gaining muscle? Cut back to 1g carbs/lb
2 What would be the macronutrient breakdown for an individual who is extremely lean individual ( under 10% bf) who is trying to primarily gain muscle while maintaining his fat % 1g pro/lb, .5gfat/lb, 1gcarb/lb
3 Last but not least what would be the macronutrient breakdown for an individual who is over 25% bf who wants to primarily cut down. 1g pro/lb, .5g fat/lb, less than 50g carbs.
What do you think about Colon cleansing/detox? Do think its something that WE as big eaters should, or could do? Is there a good deal of benefits from doing so? If so, do you recommend anything, or what to avoid? COLON CLEANSING and DETOXES dehydrate you and run your body down. Stick to a good soluble/insoluble fiber supplement 2x per day EVERY SINGLE DAY and you'll never need to do a detox! (my FIBERLYZE product will work great for that purpose)

Here's an example,
Hi Dave, I wanted to follow up on a question I asked a while back. I have test 250 2 10 ml, deca, liquid (russian) dbol 10 ml each and 5 single use primobolin. You advised 10 weeks test and deca, 5 weeks, test and primo. I hope I have that right. Im 19 1/2 weeks out, so by my estimate, I should start that in 3 weeks. Am I on target? Also I started dieting Feb 1, breaking into it so Im now at 6 meals - including protein shakes, now averaging 250 gram protein, med low carbs, low med to med fats. Im presently 252 lbs (at 6'2") , I actually GAINEd 3 lbs the last week, despite the diet and 3 45 minute cardio sessions in addition to my 3 heavy intense workouts. I looked bigger and more vascular, so Im attributing the gain to muscle and water. Id like any helpful feedback you can provide. Sounds like you have a handle on it!
In the period of losing fat for a body builder who doesn`t use steroids do you adivise the of creatine? That helps! 5g immediately after training!

If your answer is positive , can I combine it with beta-alanine? That's fine as long as there's no carbohydrates in the beta-alanine mix.

I`d like to have your opinion about the use of L-arginine to stimulate the production of NO.From my modest point of view, the dosing of an amino- acid(only one) in possible high doses could create a dis-balance with other amino acids. I tend to agree with you; however, I don't think you have to worry about that. I'm still waiting for the research to show something positive about having increased NO production in the body. I feel that indiscriminately increasing NO in the body might eventually prove to be a problem with brain cell communication due to decreased responsiveness to NO (which is how brain cells communicate) . When brain cells can't efficiently "talk" to each other, this could lead to clinical depression.

Perhaps for before training it can be possible because of the vasodilatation.This one also produces many free radicals, in that sense couldn`t it be only the use of l-arginine but also accompany it with an anti-oxidant, for ex. vitamin C.
In off-season time what`s your opinion about the consumption of milk, I ask you cause according to experts in nutrition suggest that milk has the most absorbable way of calcium. As Arnold was so fond of saying, "Milk is for babies". Adult humans can't digest the lactose in milk and that makes it, in my mind, a poor source of nutrition.
Experts also state one must eat the most natural possible way, thus avoiding man-made products, if this is correct, should I consume more fruit than oat, quinoa. No, it means you should start eating raw foods-- sushi, lightly cooked meats, ect...........however, you might be poisoned by all the bacteria in our foods. Damned if you do, damned if you dont!

A friend who`s a trainer told he`d read in a magazine the following:"some people form crystallized uric acid-based substances and/or calcification in the joint".So "your protein should come only from egg whites, wild salmon, skinless turkey and/or chicken breasts - no red meat at all and no protein shakes".
"Your carbohydrates should come from green vegetables and low-glycemic fruits - that`s all.No bread, rice, pasta, oatmeal, nothing that has been made by a human being".Finally,to eliminate liquids he suggested me to drink pineapple`s skin water.Thanks. If you get stranded on a dessert island, you'll live till 120........swimming with the ducks!
whats your thoughts on Pregnenolone ?? does it really increase concentration etc...any side effects from it??? According to some studies it's a great anti-aging hormone to supplement with in small amounts. PREGNENOLONE is the precursor to all steroidal hormones in the body. It's the MASTER STEROIDAL compound. Whether or not its something we need to consume still remains to be seen. I haven't seen too much research confirming that claim.
I am interested in competing again but as a natural bodybuilder for the first time. I have been clean for a year now. Does anyone know of any organization that I can compete in other than NPC natural shows? Is this my only option? Seems that way.
can you please tell me what type of program you would recommmend a 16 year old kid to start to get ready for next football season? He is 6'0 and weighs 195. He has great potential, but the coach has them doing full body workouts and no supp's. Thank you for any info Have him eat high protein, good essential fats, and moderate to high carbs (depending on his metabolism). At that age, food is the most powerful drug he can ingest!
Dave, if I eat a green salad with a tablespoon of oil once per day (while dieting and bulking) could I use udo's choice oil and then not have to take my omega 3 and evening primrose oil supplements Theoretically, yes. However, I wouldn't substitute FLAX SEED OIL for your OMEGA-3 FISH OIL! Just my opinion!
one mouth ago did my last shot 10wk cycle sust tri tren ,i started o.t 50mg a day this week is that going to mess my pct ,so far iam getting harder diet good training real good
dave, whats the maximum amount of chromium picolinate one shoud take per day.... i have 500 mcg pills. i spilt them in half and just have half a day. i wanna take it with each meal high in carbs. but i dont know the upper limit, nor do i want to take a high amount because i have read a study that shows it to cause cancerous cells. is there any truth to this? and if so whats the safest amount to consume CHROMIUM is a trace metal that needs to be taken in small amounts. 200-400mcg per day is sufficient to ensure that you've satisfied your daily requirements.
Is there any added benefit to making the shakes with pasteurized egg whites instead of water?
Apart from the fact that 1 scoop of Isolate will be used instead of the usual 2 therefore saving some cash on the Isolyze. You can do that if you'd like. Some people's stomach's get a little upset from drinking raw egg whites. Give it a try if you'd like.

I like the texture and the fact that egg whites are whole food and not a supplement. That's fine. Except egg whites are not a whole food (they're missing the yolks).

I cup egg whites= 25g protein
dave, why do you recommend coral calcium instead of regular calcium? It has more of an akalinizing (acid neutralizing) effect on the body than regular calcium.
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